Lab Photos

Celebration for Yong's Nature Neuroscience paper (Sep 2019)

Wu Lab at Mayo Sep 2019


Celebrate for the R01 renewal (Jun 2019)

Wu lab at Mayo Jun 2019 small

Farewell party for Yujiao and Jia (Mar 2019)

Farewell party for Yujiao and Jia


Wu lab Christmas party (Dec 2018)

Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2018)


Farewell party for Eyo (July 2018)

Eyo farewell party Jul 2018


Farewell party for Jiyun (May 2018)

Farewell party for Jiyun May 2018



Chinese New Year party and welcome party for Dr. Oh (Feb 2018)

Feb 24, 2018

Wu lab at Mayo first official photo (Dec 2017)

Wu lab at Mayo Dec 2017

Wu Lab at Mayo with Lindsey from Scientifica (Sep, 2017)

new lab photo2

Farewell party for Lijie, Chika, and Stephen (Apr, 2017)


Wu lab with Dr. Mark Mattson (Apr, 2017).

1,Apr 14, 2017

Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2016). Merry Christmas!

nn2Dec 17, 2016

Wu lab with Dr. Vadim Bolshakov (Oct, 2016).

3Oct 14, 2016

Farewell party for Lijun (Jul, 2016). Thank you, Lijun!

nn4July 9, 2016

Celebration for our first R21 grant (Mar, 2016). Congrats, Wu lab!

n5Mar 12, 2016

Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2015). Merry Christmas!

tt6Dec 14, 2015

A celebration party at Madhu's house (Oct, 2015). Congrats, Madhu and Bala!

7Oct 31, 2015

Wu lab farewell party for Daishi, Junli, Ashely and Ronen (Jun, 2015).

8Jun 10, 2015

Wu lab with Dr. Helmut Kettenmann (Apr, 2015).

n9Apr 15, 2015

Wu lab Christmas party (Dec, 2014). Happy holidays!

10Dec 21, 2014

Wu lab with Seog Bae in SfN meeting at Washington DC (Nov, 2014).

11Nov 25 2014

Celebration for our first research article in Journal of Neuroscience (Aug, 2014).

12Aug 6, 2014

Farewell party for Sri, Esha, and Bo (Jul, 2014). Congrats, guys!

13July 2, 2014

Celebration for our first RO1 grant (May, 2014). Congrats, Wu lab!

14 May 3, 2014

Wu lab Christmas luncheon (Dec, 2013). Happy holidays!


Farewell party for Harsh (Aug 2013). Congrats, Harsh!

16Aug 22, 2013

Aparna's birthday party (May 2013). Happy Birthday, Aparna!

17May 28, 2013

Wu Lab with Dale from Scientifica (Feb, 2013). Two-photon microscope is functional!

18Feb 22, 2013